Yaoi Con 2009

Today was YaoiCon! YAAY! I really regret not going on Saturday. There was nothing to do, almost literally. There was registration, a swap meet, and the viewing room. The viewing room wasn't showing anything that particularly caught my interest, but I got Chobits (manga) volumes 1 - 6 for $35, so that was awesome. It was also amazing to be around the older fandom. I never realized how many of the annoying fangirls / fanboys were underage until they were all gone. I was not glomped, squeeled at, molested, or harassed in the slightest, all of which happened at various other conventions. We (my boyfriend and I) did get asked for pictures (I was Mello, he was Matt, from Death Note), and girls did squeel and "aww" but never in our faces or ears. Everyone was very polite and there was only one person I would label as obnoxious, but I wrote it off as excitement and they were easy enough to ignore.

Overall, I good convention, I wish that I'd gone on a better day, but I'll definitely go back next year.

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