Days Twenty & Twenty-One

Posting two days at a time would be great if it were easier for me to keep track of the days...

I showed off my nearly-complete Halloween costume to my Costume Construction class on Day Twenty and it was well-loved. I'm not sure what I'm calling it yet though. It looks like the secret love-child of Alice and the Mad Hatter. But calling it that would get me weird looks, which aren't that great when almost everything is normal on Halloween.

Day Twenty-One, I had a meeting for the convention I'm helping plan and we actually got a lot done, despite people getting dangerously off-track and annoying the cr*p out of me. When I got home, I threw together an event schedule for the con, and I'm hoping we can at least get the events (without times) posted by next week. Then we can start recruiting people for the events that we'll need them for. However, I'm keeping this pretty hush-hush so I don't ruin anything good (or get people's hopes up and end up having to cancel an event).

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