Cosplay, Conventions, & Parents, Part 2 (Days Twelve & Thirteen)

Oops, I missed a day. I wonder if anyone really cares.. In any case, I haven't been feeling the best, so no real progress on anything. I went to work on my Halloween costume, but ended up in the hospital for shortness of breath and chest pain. They told me "Nothing's wrong. Here's an inhaler. Thanks for the fifty bucks and your four hours." Big fat waste of time.
I almost want to stop posting every day, but that's a good way to forget that I'm even doing this.

So back to what I was talking about before. Getting parents to understand cosplay.
I would suggest introducing it to your parents slowly. Start by making a Halloween costume for yourself. This shows your interest and allows you to get a handle on what your doing. If you've already made costumes and your parent just don't know yet, just back track a little and let your parents know you're making a Halloween costume. Even if it's November, tell your parents it's very elaborate or it'll take a while because you're making it from scratch.
If your parents already allow you to go to conventions, that's a big help. If not, take them to one. Actually, even if they already let them go, you should take them. Find a convention that only charges to get into events. Fanime does this for example. You are free to wander the halls and watch events on the main stage, you only need a pass to get into the dealer's hall, artists alley, panels, etc. This way, your parents won't be "wasting money" and can leave after they see that you are in a safe environment.
Chences are, your parents will see a few cosplayers. On the way home from the convention, or once you get home (never in a public place) express your interest in the hobby. I personally believe that it is best to discuss it after your parents have seen it, so they don't have any preconcieved notions and you can say more than "you just don't know."

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