Shopping: Thigh-Highs; Liquid Latex (Day Twenty-Four)

I actually got to go shopping today =O No way. I never thought I would shop again, the way things are going. My room's torn to pieces & I'm supposedly not allowed to buy anything until it's finished (painting, new bed, cleaned up), however, I'm not getting any more money from my mom until it's finished. And she's not going to give me back-pay after it's cleaned either. It's going to take at least another two weeks to get my room cleaned, so I'm out $40. I have back-up money, but mostly for Yaoi-Con and Halloween decorations for my party... *sigh*

In ant case, shopping! Yay! I bought thigh-high leggings and fake eyelashes for my "Alice in Wonderland" Halloween costume. I'm still not sure if that's the name I'm going to call it, but it works for now. I normally don't wear fake eyelashes, but these are red and black and match the costume so well, I couldn't resist them. I also bought new pants for my Mello cosplay. They're built like pants, but with a stretchy leather material, similar to leggings. So they're looser and I can move in them better. And they don't give me bubble-butt, so my boyfriend can relax and not worried about guys looking back there.

I also bought some liquid latex, finally. I don't have a real use for it at the moment, but I always see people mentioning it in the forums on, so I thought I'd pick some up just in case. This is the first time I've been able to find it and it was in the Halloween store, so I snagged it before the store leaves next month.

My boyfriend purchased red spray-on hair dye for his Matt costume, which was actually my suggestion. I don't really like spray-on dyes myself though. They flake off, rub off on everything, and generally don't work. However, for Matt, I believe it to be acceptable. I don't believe that Matt's hair is truly all red. To me, it appears as though it has red highlights. So we plan to lightly spray some areas of his hair, mostly in lower layers, so that in certain light, it'll look red, and it other lights, it'll look black. The way that Matt's does in the anime.

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