Of Fleece & Felt (Day 144)

I got to go to JoAnn's today! Finally -.- It was not without it's bumps though.

Originally, I wanted to cover both Clyde and Pac-Man and make the other ghosts and the fruit on the shirts with fleece. The universe always has different plans for my costumes than I do, though. The smallest amount of fabric I can buy is one-quarter of a yard, and I didn't want to buy all of that to use a 4"x4" square. So instead, I bought felt. It looks and feels a little different, but it could be worse. But of course, they didn't have the right colors of felt. They had most of them, but not all. So now I'm using felt for some things and fleece for others. Great.

Also, they had the color fleece I wanted for Clyde, but not for Pac-Man. They had the perfect color anti-pill fleece for Pan-Man, but not for Clyde. So I had to get one of each. I felt like the color was more important than matching material, but it still bothers me. The material isn't too different at least. You have to either put them one on top of the other or touch them to tell the difference. I am jealous though, Pac-Man's is softer than Clyde's. =[ That's not fair.

I did, however, find the perfect lettering for the shirts. Mine will say "CLYDE" across the back of the shoulders, and my boyfriend's will say "PACMAN". I'm very excited for that lettering. It's possibly my favorite part of the costume, which is kind of sad, haha.

I wanted a sheer fabric for the fronts of the costumes, so that we could see out of the boxes covering our heads, but, again, the universe had different plans. I couldn't find a sheer fabric that was sheer enough. This one was too solid, that one was too thick, ugh. Instead, I bought some net-like fabric. It's decent, see-through, and breathable, but you can't see the color very well. It's definitely better than nothing though. It should be alright. =]

I had the intention of covering Clyde with fabric today, but it didn't happen. I dyed my hair instead, but the dye didn't take, so that was a lot of wasted time.


  1. ....:O Uhhh this has nothing to do with your post buuut in case you didn't find this pic, here it is.. I found some of my friends and saw yours too ^~^! http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2743/4317831019_78e32a7979.jpg

  2. It's alright if HAF is small, small cons are sometimes fun, I enjoy hanging out with the social aspect if anything. X3 I don't mind hanging out what so ever, you're an awesome person to chill with.

    Thanks for the info on Kinyoobi's panel/booth, took me a while to get over here, I need to visit this blog more. Urgh.