Rave Outfit! (Day 131)

So, I've committed b=myself to doing this rave outfit for Fanime. Like I said before, it's really just something to keep me busy while waiting for money to generate. I was going to do furry leg warmers, but I forgot the fur is expensive as all hell, SO I got two awesome-colored pink / purple / white feather boas that I'm going to use as ankle and wrist cuffs, and some black feathers and silver eyelets to add to a shirt. I now need some type of ribbon, I'm still trying to mentally choose a color, fishnet stockings to go with my fishnet shirt, also still mentally choosing a color, and a brightly-colored / fluorescent fabric, also an undetermined color, to add to parts of my shirt, which I'm still not sure I'll do. Oh, and I need to choose shoes and either a skirt or shorts. I kinda want to do shorts, but I'll need new ones because the only ones I have are tiny and I don't wear them without leggings because it makes me feel like a ho.

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