Started Up a New Blog (Day 130)

So I actually did end up making a convention blog. The convention-related pots will stay here, but have also been copied to the other blog. Most of my con info has been removed from this page and moved to the other. Also, the new page has info such as my favorite con, my first con, and my dream con.

I also added pictures to my AOD post of my costume.

Also, I've decided that I will make a "rave" outfit for Fanime's rave. Really, I just want something to do that won't kill my wallet, while waiting for more money to generate and for my boyfriend to get the money for materials for his stuff. I'll probably just grab most of my stuff out of my closet, but I want to make colorful, furry leg warmers for sure. Maybe I'll make a skirt too, if I find some cool fabric. It's really just a fun sort of project to keep me busy.

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