Addicted to the Wii (Day Sixtey-Nine(TeeHee))

So, I think I've finally accepted the Wii for what it is: A feeble attempt to get lazy kids off their lazy butts and DO something. Which I kinda need to do, haha.

As for cosplay... Meh. Blame Wii Sports. My mom was gonna take me to JoAnn's, but I started playing while waiting, and then my boyfriend found out and came over, and we ended up playing until nine at night, haha, my mom played too. The sad thing is, I'm going to be very, very sore tomorrow. =[

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  1. Oy. My mom loves Wii sports. I'm sick of it.. :( LOL...but she likes to play it when we have guest. I like playing Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing when I'm bored... xD Oh and of course, Smash Brothers!!!