Mommy's Sick =[ (Day Seventy-Nine)

Today had it's ups and downs. I was supposed to go to the craft store with my boyfriend this morning, but when he called, I was too tired to get up. I really needed to get things too. Oh well. Knowing life, I wouldn't have had time to shop for myself anyway. Not that I exactly have a surplus of money.

I went to see my boyfriend in his college production of A Christmas Carol. It was good, I had fun. Except the kid next to me was rather antsy, and I got heat stroke about three-quarters of the way through. Oh, and since Mommy's sick, I couldn't stay long after the performance.

I wanted to work on stuff tonight, but instead I did some self-maintenance, plucked my eyebrows, painted my nails, and the like.

Maybe I'll clean out my cosplay closet again. I'm in a foul mood, and that usually cheers me up.

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