I Has A Hat (Day Eighty-Two)

I bought a plain black beanie today and customized it =D Way more fun than it should be, really, and I didn't even do that much. I sewed on a double-heart design (pictures right =D) the way I saw it on some jean pockets at Hot Topic. It's messier than I'd like, but I like to think that adds to its character.

I also put on some safety pins and skull earrings (left), but I don't know how much I like them yet. For sure, they aren't comfortable though, so I want to tweak those more.

This fun little splurge started because my boyfriend has been wearing a beanie a lot due to the cold. And I, being the adorable little pain in the butt that I am, love to steal it every chance I get, prompting my boyfriend to complain, "Get your own!!! D=" So there. I did. But I still fully intend to steal his every chance I get, put it over mine, and proclaim, "My beanie is cold. D=" Ain't I a stinker? ;)

I got confirmation of my free Fanime ticket today =D It is in fact full weekend, which brings me endless joy. Well. Almost endless. Turns out I misunderstood the Marriott Hotel website when I was checking booking prices. It's not the blissful $160 for a weekend that I had so longed it would be. No. That was $160 per night. HA. Hell no. Fanime's discount for last year, I've been told, brought the price down to $88 a night, but is expected to cost more this year. So my boyfriend and I are looking at about $200 each for the whole weekend, as we are staying alone. And since my ticket was free, I promised I'd put my saved $50 to the hotel room. Meaning I'll have to pay my half, plus the deposit fee (estimated at about $50, of course). Bringing me to a nice total of $250 for a weekend. Hey. At least my ticket was free.


  1. Customizing stuff is fun! ^~^! Nice beanie, I like the heart thing and safety pins are always fun. :]

    That's good you got the confirmation. I'm worried about my Fanime fund too. Even though with all my friends staying in one or two rooms, we'll still be paying around 100 BUT it will be for...3 nights? So I guess that isn't too bad.. @_@; But still...I hate not having a job. :(

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  3. Something I'd like to warn you about the Marriott, if you do not like annoying teenagers do NOT book there. Apparently there is a lot of issues with the Marriott in that department. Including fiascoes with the elevators and loudness in general. Jon and I will probably be booking the Hilton as it's a more mature cosplayer crowd there. And I do believe it is a bit cheaper too and has mini fridges. 79per night if you're getting a single king-sized bed. Also you are aware that Fanime is Friday through Monday and preordered tickets start on Day 0 (Thursday) so you're looking at a 5 day Con with a four night hotel. So you're looking at near 400$ each for the entire convention.