Debt Card FAIL (Day Eighty-Eight)

Today has been.. Interesting, to say the least, and I barely did anything, so I guess that's saying something. First, allow me to backtrack. When I was born, my grandma, on my dad's side, told my mom and my dad that for every birthday and Christmas, she's buy my a savings bond worth fifty dollars. My mom was only sent one, and my grandma claimed the rest got lost in the mail. Then on my eighteenth birthday, I got more. But instead of having thirty-six of them like I should, I only had eight. Wtf? FAIL number one.

And they're not even worth fifty dollars each right now. FAIL number two.

SO, my mom and I went to the bank in hopes that our joint bank account had a higher interest than the bonds. (The highest interest on any of the bonds was four percent.) Well, our bank account only earns 0.2% interest. FAIL number three.

So we kept the bonds as they were, and I went to set up a debt card so that I could order stuff online, such as wigs, contacts, convention tickets, hotel bookings, and my boyfriend's Christmas present. (That's where this whole story begins to tie into cosplay.) Unfortunately, I didn't remember that I wanted to set up an account until after my mom and I had left the bank teller, so I had to go stand in line again. FAIL number four.

An while in line, this creeper, drunk and about as old as my dad (55+), smelling of cigarettes (also like my dad D=) comes up and starts hitting on me, trying to get me to sleep with him, and attempting to convince me that every woman in the place was checking him out. FAIL number five. Just because I'm standing in line at the bank by myself does not mean I want to sleep with some old creeper! Go find someone your own age or do the world a favor and die!

So I finally get to set up my account and the creeper goes to the teller next to me. Fair enough, there were only two tellers. then he starts taking up my teller's time because his teller can't cash his check and it apparently takes two people to do it. FAIL number six.

After taking forever on everything, I get my account and my number and am on my way. when I get home to order my boyfriend's Christmas present, my account number doesn't work. FAIL number seven.

So I try to buy his ticket for Fanime, since he's on his way over and bringing me the money. Well, that doesn't accept my number either. FAIL number eight.

So NOW I have to wait until my actual card comes in the mail in a week to do anything online with it. And I already gave my mom the two-hundred dollars I took from our joint bank account to put into my debt card account. So I have almost no money (or at least that's what it feels like) for anything else. Fail, fail, FAIL!

Yeah, that was barely cosplay-related, but the whole debt card thing was for cosplay-purposes and I needed to rant.

(P.S. I love the picture I found to go along with this post. It just works for me.)

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