Day Ninety-Four

I almost didn't post today because I was hoping to get to bed at a "decent" time. AHAHA! I crack myself up. It'll never happen. In any case, nothing cosplay-related today. I'm too addicted to WiiFit to work on cosplay. Which is both good and bad, because I'm getting in spectacular shape, which, in my opinion, will make my cosplays looks better on me, but at this rate, I won't have any cosplays to wear. Hmm... What to do, what to do?

Anyway, I added some links to the blog to help organize the informative posts better. I'm also very seriously considering making a blog specifically for health and beauty post (makeup and such). Eh, gimme your thoughts if you care.

Next time I get the chance, hopefully some time this week or next, I'd like to update this blog with posts about each of my costumes, along with reference pictures, short biographies, links to more information, and pictures of my cosplays.

I also have a new costume I want to make *sigh* but it won't be until almost a year from now (next Winter) so no big deal really. I'll post about that some other time.

My boyfriend made me really happy today cosplay-wise. I was telling him about my ideas to better handle the money part of getting a hotel room for two says at Fanime, and he said he was really excited for it and wanted it to be now. I asked him why, and, to my shock, his first reason was because he wanted to cosplay! =O I'm so proud. He also wants a sword >_> As do I... Anyway, I guess this means that I can't ignore his costumes in a last resort attempt to save time and money. But it's a lot more worth it now to know that he really wants to do them. ^-^

Speaking of his costumes, I'm actually looking forward to making his boo (Super Mario Bros) costume, probably more than I should be. Surprisingly enough, I got the idea on how to make it from an issue of TOKYOPOP's free magazine. I read through the article several years ago just for the hell of it, thinking I'd never use it, but lo and behold, it will be put to good use! Let's just hope that I get better at paper-mache-ing things =/ It's not exactly my forte...

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