Finishing Cat Girl (Day Ninety-Six)

I never thought that I would re-visit my cat girl costume. She was made on a whim and never saw the light of day. However, after writing a blog post on her last night, I could help but want to wear her, so I decided that I would be a cat girl at SacAnime Winter, instead of rushing to finish my Lolita outfit, and then worrying if it was "proper" or not.

So today, my boyfriend came over and was actually an amazing help to me in fully completing this costume. He chose the pants and helped me pick a vest, and completed the collar (the bell was entirely his idea), and that's almost the whole costume on it's own. Then after he left, I sewed up one of the ears because it was falling off, and strengthened the headband because it was coming apart a little bit. I also stuffed the tail with foam and finished sewing it to the skirt, because it had previously just been safety-pinned on.

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