COSTUME INFO: Cat Girl (Original)

(Better pictures soon to come.)

Brief Bio: There isn't much to say about the "background" for this character, seeing as it's an original design by me. I guess you could say she was inspired by Loveless, because I wanted giant-ass cat ears like the ones Loveless shows. But I do not consider her in any way related to Loveless. I will never write a fanfic about her, and she will probably never have a real character or specific personality, or even a name.

Construction: A large part of my cat girl's creation is owed solely to the fact that my mom basically tossed a giant bag of fur at me and went "Here ya go," and I had no idea what to do with it. There is foam inside of the ears, in an attempt to get the to stand upright. Even though this attempt half-failed, I find myself absolutely loving the one-ear-falling-over look. There is, if I'm remembering right, elastic inside of the white headband, however, it doesn't serve much of a purpose. The skirt is literally just the fur that my mom handed to me, minus what was used on the ears, tied at the side. I'm lucky it even fit. I used the pants of my ninja cosplay, with the leggings I use for my Amaterasu cosplay. The pants were just a regular pair of pants until I cut off one leg and hemmed it. That in itself wasn't a cosplay decision, it was basically just for the hell of it. The shirt is a camisole (spaghetti-strap) with a "wife-beater"(I hate that term; tank top) over it, and a black vest over that. I also used the fangs from my Amaterasu cosplay. The collar / bow was just thrown together with ribbon and a bell I had laying around. (I have lots of bells laying around...) The gloves were purchased at Hot Topic.

This costume is 100% complete.

Convention Info: My cat girl was worn to SacAnime Winter. She's the only costume I have that I would wear out and expect to get no pictures taken of me at all. it was sort of nice to lay low for a little while. It's a huge contrast to when I wear my Amaterasu. At SacAnime Winter, I wore my brown Tohru wig, just "for fun" (it was not fun).

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