It Snuck Up On Me (Day Seventy-One)

I think Holiday Anime Faire really snuck up on me because I've been looking forward to Fanime so much. I was so preoccupied by planning, how to save money, deciding when and the best way how to reserve a hotel, starting a new costume (Chi) for it, there was no time for poor little Holiday Anime Faire. It's a good thing it's only $10 or whatever to get in, or I'd be pissed at how unprepared I am, haha. I mean, my costume's done, it's just not where I'd like it to be.

I had to do a last-minute patch-up job on Ammy's shield today, because the strap fell off at the last convention I wore it to (Kin-Yoobi Con), and it wouldn't stay up right with just one strap. Other than that, I didn't finish the shoulder "wings," I only got the arm bands done, so I'll be wearing those. And I didn't Finish re-surfacing the feet, in fact, one of them is falling apart. It should survive a few hours tomorrow though.

Boy, I sure hope I win that costume contest. I won before with a costume that I didn't think was that great (Lady Mario), so I'll be really disappointed if I lose with Ammy. Unless the people who beat me have really kick-ass costumes. Which I don't expect because I seriously suspect that the only really good cosplayers in my city are in my cosplay group, haha, all three of us xD That's not to say that there aren't other good cosplayers, they just don't seem to attend this particular convention. Or enter the costume contest.

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