Back to Ammy (Day Eighty-Five)

So, believe it or not, keeping this blog and knowing that I have followers actually does motivate me to work on my cosplay more. I was sitting on my couch, contemplating what to do when I thought I should work on my cosplay things. The thought process went like this: "I should work on cosplay.. What do I have to do..? Oh, yes, Ammy. Ah, but I don't really want to work with fur... Oh, but I'm so tried of not having anything to post on my blog. I'll do it!" Then I laughed at myself for a good half hour while working because I'm more loyal to strangers on the internet than I am myself.

So, I worked a little while, half an hour, on making the arm "wings" for Amaterasu. I traced and cut out the right shape, but then I realized that I had cut it with the fur facing the wrong way. I fecepalmed myself for at least five minutes before I could even begin to accept the loss of all that fur. Sure, it wasn't a lot but it was enough to cover one entire side of the wing. I couldn't just flip it over either because it would be the wrong shape and I had cut details out of it.

So I went with my original plan of covering it with bits and pieces of left over fur, fitting them together like a puzzle. I still can't decide if I like the effect or not. The first time I tried this was on one of the toes way back in July of '09, when I just barely ran out of fur and didn't want to buy more. On the one hand, it looks like natural dog / wolf fur, especially if the animal were to live in the wild. On the other hand, it's not all smooth like everything else.

The good news is that the side that I did today is the side that will be facing my shoulder, so I didn't have to detail everything, and the flaws shouldn't be seen much. I'm going to consider it somewhat of a test run. I have enough fur to cover two sides with one solid piece each, so I'm going to use that on the parts of the wings that face away from my body, the sides that will be seen more.

I'm a little concerned about attaching the wings to the arm bands, mainly because the fur is going in two opposite directions. The fur on the bands goes down, toward my fingertips, while the fur on the wings goes up, toward, well, the sky, or ceiling, depending on your location. This is the way that it is in the game, as indicated by the move of the graphics in the game, but I don't see how. I may have to trim the bottom of the wings to round them out, the same way I did with the wrist cuffs. Or something. I'll figure it out eventually.

For anyone wondering, I'm feeling much better today =] I don't know what did it, but aside from being abnormally tired, I'm not too bad.

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