RAWR (Day Seventy-Seven)

So, I stayed up until at least three finishing my Final Project for Costume Construction I last night, only for today to come and me to find out that it's not due until Tuesday until we actually present it. The class syllabus was misleading! I thought it was due today! *fume* Anyway.

I sketched some more designs for the group cosplay that I want to do, which may actually happen! I'm thinking Fanime 2011, LOL! Or Holiday Anime Faire 2010. It's too bad there are no conventions in my area between Fanime and Kin-Yoobi. And I can't do a group cosplay to Kin-Yoobi because I'm staffing, so I wouldn't be with my group, thus ruining the point of a group cosplay...

I'd also like to enter a costume contest with my group once it's fully completed, but that would mean entering in Fanime's 2011 masquerade. Oh well, at least I'd have time, some of which would be spent planning / rehearsing an actual skit, because walk-ons are usually rather boring, and I like to entertain.

That reminds me, I'm still really sad that I never got to do my Soldier A skit for Kin-Yoobi 09. I was too preoccupied with entering as Amaterasu to really put forth the effort and make it happen. And it won't happen next year because, again, staffing. And hopefully Emcee-ing the costume contest, leaving me no room to perform.

I still haven't heard from the Fanime peoples who were supposed to e-mail me about my free ticket. I'll give them a couple more days before e-mailing the coordinator of Holiday Anime Faire, who I believe would promptly kick their asses into next week if they scammed me out of a ticket.


  1. I don't think I've heard of Kin-Yoobi. D: Then again..I'm not sure if I know where you live exactly. I know California. If you told me then I forgot. I'm a horrible blog follower! T____T

    I really wish I had a costume construction class...or any class that had to do with costume/sewing. :[ It would be fun. Maybe when I move to Texas I will find a college there with somethin' like that. D:

    Anyway------group cosplays are always fun! I think my group will be entering the Fanime Masquerade. We want to show off our Odin Sphere group cosplay.. A lot of the members have dropped out of the two other groups we'll be cosplaying from. :( So only a few will do one, and a few will do the other but so far everyone (Okay..except ONE person) will be doing Odin Sphere.

    ...Yah. There's like 10 people in the group. I'm excited...and kind of worried. I hope no one fights like last time. It was kind of hectic at AnimeExpo this year. :( We had hotel room drama....It was The Real World - Anime Expo. Rofl..XD Seriously...

  2. I r teh comment Ninja!! >:D

    How about youuuu...cosplay as the wolf form of Link from Twilight Princess. :DDDDDDDDDDDD LOL. You can make wolf feetz (aka furry feet) and paws...and ...ummm I don't know, it would be awesome D: Yes. I do realize I am asking a lot. I r demanding.

    No..not really. It's just an idea if you need one...and a reason for furry feet! ;3 My group is doing a Twilight Princess group.. but a few dropped out so now we just have a Dark Zelda(More of a Smash Brothers thing.), Midna, Princess Agitha(Me!) and a Dark Link...everyone else bailed! ;(