Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony (Day Seventy-Six)

My migraine went away! *cries of yay!* I went to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony with my boyfriend and his family. It was rather short, but still very nice. =]

As for cosplay, I got nada. Except getting a couple more people to join my cosplay group and us all agreeing on a group cosplay. Hell yeah =D I'm more excited about that than I should be D= But I get to make giant fuzzy feet again! =D

It's pretty much my dream group cosplay, we need at least two more people, but we may actually need five, depending on how things go with a couple of people.

My designs for it aren't even finished yet, I feel like it needs more FUR! I really want this to be a combination of a fur suit and a traditional school uniform. I need to sketch out male versions as well, since the group was originally intended to be all female. Then it dawned on me that I don't get along with many girls very well. So now I'm just hoping we can get an even-ish amount of girls and guys.

I think I have an unhealthy obsession with fursuits. I mean, yes, sewing is easy and rewarding, but it's nowhere near as rewarding as completing a costume part with fur and hot glue. And I'm always cold and fur is always warm, so that's a real nice plus.

I'm really looking forward to teaching people how to make the giant fuzzy feet. They're my favorite part for sure. Plus, we get to go on giant group shopping trips =O I fully intend to freak the crap out of JoAnn's employees. "Yes, all eight of us need at least one yard of fur and a shitload of foam. Oh, no, this isn't for a school play, this is what we do in our spare time."

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  1. ROFL. XD Freak out the employees. I think Kay-chan and I kind of weirded out the girl we last spoke with at JoAnn's. She was calculating the prices for the fabric we got. Except she KNEW what anime was and cosplay, she just didn't know about crossplay. xD So we explained it and she was all "...interesting and...different." We were like, "'s going to be great being men." Then she was like, "Well, as long as you have fun."
    She was cool :D

    Anyway---is this group cosplay a Pokemon Gijinka one? D: (Or whatever it is called X_X)