COSTUME INFO: Edward Elric ~ Female Variation (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Brief Bio: Edward Elric lost his right arm and left leg in an attempt to resurrect his mother with the use of alchemy, "the science that makes you feel like you're magic." After obtaining a state alchemy certification, Edward travels the country with his brother, a soul bonded to a suit of armor, searching for a way to get their original bodies back. Edward is hot-tempered shorty with a soft-spot for his loved ones. For a full biography, check out Edward Elric's Wikipedia Page.

Why?: My Edward Elric costume just sort of fell into my lap. At a certain point, I decided that if I found usable pieces, I'd make an Edward Elric cosplay, but I wasn't going to search for them. I've always had a fangirl crush on Edward as well. I did a variation because I debuted him at a convention where I expected a swarm of Edward's. The idea was to do a female variant, partially because I flat-out didn't feel like binding, and to make it look like I was a fight.

Construction: The red jacket was found at a thrift store, and I took out the lining and took off the buttons. I added the symbol on the back using iron-on dye crayons. I'm considering going over it with Sharpie though, to make it more solid. I just chopped off the leg of one of my pairs of pants and grabbed a belt. The shirt was from my Riza Hawkeye costume, and the boots were mine. My boyfriend was Roy Mustang at the time, and we went for the whole "dog of the military" thing, with me on a leash. The collar actually says "Edo-Kun" on it (it's my boyfriend's and his name is actually Ed), and I stole one of my dog's leashes. The scar / cut on my face is eyeliner and eyeshadow, the scar on my leg is Scar Putty, and my automail leg is silver body paint. I did not dye my hair or get a wig because, well, I just didn't feel like it. The final touch was an autograph from Vic Mignogna (Edward's English voice actor), and was obtained at Super-Con 2009.

This costume is 80% complete. The main point of it's incomplete-ness is the automail, I'd like to make some actual automail, but as far as I'm concerned, this costume is retired.

Convention Info: I only wore Edward Elric to Super-Con 2009, specifically because Vic Mignogna (pictured with me, left) was going to be there. I really doubt that I'll ever wear it again.

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