Thrift Store Fabric (Day Ninety)

Buying fabric at the thrift store or second hand shops can be a gamble. You don't know if it's the full three yards they claim it is, or if there's stains or tears, but in the past, I've had constant good luck with it. I trust my favorite thrift store to have decent-quality items, and it's rare to find gross, stained, or torn things.

So today I bought two types of fabric at the thrift store. One white fabric, which I've actually used before, though I have no idea what it's called, and one iridescent, blue-purple, sheer-ish fabric with moons and stars on it. The white fabric is for a Lolita shirt, which is to be worn with my Chi (Chobits) dress as a Lolita outfit until I can get the wig. The blue-purple fabric is just because it was really, really pretty.

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