NEW COSPLAY IDEA: Pipe Fox (xxxHolic)

Why are there no good images of this thing? Seriously.

So, I've gone and done it again. That's right, I added yet another cosplay to my list. This time it's a human-form version of the pipe fox (transformed) from xxxHolic. I was drawn to the pipe fox when it first appeared in it's smaller form because of how adorable it was. I immediately wished for one of my own, from which came the desire to cosplay it. But, of course, such a simple cosplay would be, well, not very much fun. Not to mention a bit harder to do. I do not want to attempt to walk around looking like a fuzzy worm with cat ears. (I say "attempt" because I'd have no legs.) So I ignored the thought as much as I could, deciding it probably wouldn't happen and maybe I'd just make a miniature version of it for myself.

Then I saw the glory that was the pipe fox's transformation. My first thought was that it looked suspiciously like the nine-tailed fox from Okami (heh, what a one-track mind I have). Then I started noticing similarities in the art work of it, the markings on the face and the tufts of fur on the legs. That was the end of it for me. I knew I had to cosplay this thing.

Of course, it could just be an excuse for me to make another costume like Amaterasu's, because I fully intend to stick to that style. I think I'm looking forward to the mask the most, since I'd really like to take another crack at altering a mask. I'm still not entirely pleased with my first attempt on Amaterasu. I'm also looking to try making digitigrade hind legs again (with "backwards" knees). My first attempt, even though I had amazing instructions via, I really had no idea what I was doing and thought I could just wing it. Though I still do love my Ammy feet / legs, they're nowhere near what I had originally hoped for.

I also still want to make a little untransformed pipe fox for myself. I'll probably even keep with with me when I do the full-on cosplay. It sounds like it could be a fun / cute little side-project. I already know what I'm going to make it out of and how I'm going to do it. I just need the materials, which, if I remember right, are on sale at JoAnn's right now. I should probably check tomorrow. If they're not on sale, I could use some material I have now (it's the material I want, but not the exact color). Ah, well. We shall see =]

I'm excited about this (obviously).

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    Here is one someone made, they even have a tutorial listed in the description.


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