Terra Stuff (Days 480 - 483)

1:00am - I decided to get my stuff together for my Terra cosplay, just to kind of see what I actually had. First off, I know that her goggle lenses are normally blue. However, the ones I have are yellow, and her goggles turn yellow when she uses her powers. So that's that. The wig needs some de-frizzing and some general damage control. I never really gave it the usual TLC after I used it for the Pokemon gathering. I had some difficulty getting the goggles to sit right with the wig, the wig kept on bunching up in the back. I think that some bobby pins in the back to anchor it better will help, this was a very quick test.

It turns out that the gloves that I have, which I thought I could use, are too big/bulky. I would like some bulk to whatever gloves I end up using, but the ones I have are just too big. Hopefully I can find some brown leather gloves at the thrift store or something, otherwise they could cost a pretty penny.

Also, my mom does have a pair of tan hiking boots that I might be able to borrow, since I figure hiking boots are the best thing for this. I haven't looked at them though, and if I'm remembering them correctly, I may have to make partial boot covers for them. Hopefully not, because I have no idea what I'm doing.

At least I still have about a month to get all of this together.

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