Cosplay Twins (Survey)

The first five questions were taking from the thread "Dealing with: "Hey, we're cosplaying the same character!"". I added the rest because I thought they'd be sort of interesting.

The first time you ran into a "other you", what were you cosplaying?
femme!Edward Elric. Oh, man, that was an atrocious cosplay. The cosplayer that I ran into was a different (and better) variation, though.

What went through your mind when you met this other "you"? Were you nervous? Brave? Jealous? Excited?
A little bit of everything, but mostly excited.

Was it a good or bad experience? (How did it play out? Were they nice?"
I ran over and asked for a picture, he/she (I still don't know) had a mask, so I really don't know what their reaction was. I was really shy then, so they posed for a picture with me, I thanked them, and then we parted ways. For all I know, they could have thought I was insane and had a horrible cosplay and they didn't want anything to do with me, but they were at least polite.

How would you recommend, for people who are not used to / have not experienced this run-in, to go about talking to their same-character counterpart?
Personally, I like to take a picture with them, regardless of the accuracy/execution of the cosplay, and talk to them about how they made certain parts of their costume. I always try to find at least one part of their costume that I really like and compliment them on it. If they're friendly and have free time, they'll stay and chat, if they don't want to talk to me, they politely excuse themselves and leave.

Any bad experiences you'd like to share and some advice on how to deal with them?
I can't recall any bad experiences, but my best advice would be to put it out of your mind and find someone else fun to talk to.


Describe your favorite same-character run-in.
At Fanime 2010, I was cosplaying Chi to the CLAMP gathering and arrived a bit early. I ran into another Chi cosplayer who was wearing a dress very similar to mine in almost inverted colors. We were almost the same height and got asked for a lot of pictures. We chatted for what felt like a long time (I can't even remember all of what we talked about), and she gave me a badge ribbon* (which I didn't even know existed before then) with Chi on it. We were eventually pulled aside by a photographer for a photoshoot. Then the actual gathering happened, where we met more Chi's. After the gathering, four of us Chi's continued with the photoshoot and then parted ways.

What would you like to happen next time you meet a cosplay twin?
Pretty much a repeat of Fanime 2010. I really enjoyed doing a photoshoot with a twin character, and chatting was a lot of fun. Of course, I know that not all characters have twin characters the way that Chi does, so sometimes twin shoots aren't very easy, but I do enjoy "mirror" shots.

What do you think is the worst thing that could happen when meeting a cosplay twin?
I think the worst thing would be if I complimented them on a part of their costume, and they began blatantly (or even subtly) insulting my costume. Rude stares or sneers can usually be brushed off pretty easily, but words tend to stick with me for a while.

Do you enjoy finding "twins" at conventions?
I don't think I used to, but I definitely do now! I used to be really shy and I'd get embarrassed and judgmental about people wearing the same cosplay as me. Now I just see it as another photo-op and a chance to make a new friend!

What character that you've cosplayed or are planning to cosplay would you like to meet a twin of?
(Even though I made up this question, it was hard!) I'm going to have to go with Koffing (gijinka), because then we could evolve and take pictures as a Wheezing!

Would you ever plan a twin cosplay with someone? If so, what?
I honestly can't think of anything, really. I'm not opposed to friends cosplaying the same thing as me, I just can't think of a cosplay that I would plan to be the same character as someone.


Feel free to repost and answer and all of that fun stuff. I'd be cool if I was credited, but these are pretty generic questions, so I won't be insulted if I'm not credited.

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