Post-Con Cleanup (Days 584 - 588)

My sewing room is always a complete mess for at least a week before a convention. Despite any and all planning, preparation, and scheduling, I always end up sewing the night before a convention, and it's just too much trouble to clean up every night the week before.

Of course, the day after any convention is nothing but sleep, eating, and general recuperating. After that, it's just general laziness that stops me from cleaning up. However, I managed to at least pick up most things off of the floor of my sewing room and get my cosplay back onto the dress form and ironing board.

Having a clean sewing room after a convention feels just as rewarding as completing a costume (I think I mentioned this before). It's just so hard to make myself clean, haha. Hopefully I'll have it cleaned before the next cosplay event I'm going to.

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