GZR Cosplayer of the Week (Days 623-628)

Some time last week, I was interviewed for Game-Zone Recreation's Cosplayer of the Week, and it was uploaded this Wednesday.

I've noticed that the more I see myself on video, the less I hate watching myself on video. I don't know if it's because I'm learning how to conduct myself on camera better or I'm just getting used to it, but either way, I'm definitely not complaining.

GZR's Cosplayer of the Weeks is more or less what it sounds like. Each week, a cosplayer will be interviewed, either in person or just a written interview, and featured on the GZR website. We're still working on the conditions for being featured and the formatting of everything. To stay updated, like the Game-Zone Recreation FaceBook page or the Kin-Yoobi Con FaceBook page. Hopefully, most updates will be coming from the GZR page, but I'm unsure right now.

Last week's Cosplayer of the Week was Marygail Pilares, aka Owen Miyabi, and you can read her text interview here.

Also, starting some time next month, I will begin posting video blogs on the GZR website about cosplay. They're going to be more about cosplay in general, not my personal cosplay, and I feel like this interview sort of ties into it all and was a nice way to begin introducing me.

If you would like to be featured as Cosplayer of the Week, or if you have any topic ideas for my upcoming vlogs, please leave me a comment!

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