Days 1043 - 1087

Oh yeah, you guessed it, I've done nothing productive. I went to the Norcal Winter Gathering/Christmas in the Park in San Jose (pics to come soon). Shortly after that, I got really sick. I was better for about two weeks, and then I got really sick again. I was really tired of being sick. I think I'm getting sick again, but, mind over matter, I refuse!

In other news, "Magikarp: A History" has been approved for Animation on Display 2013! No official word on which day or what time, but we're currently discussing the possibility of the panel being two hours long this year! It's a daunting task, but we're pretty confident that it'll work out. The main issue right now is that we originally submitted the panel to AoD as a one-hour panel, and it was scheduled as a one-hour panel. Since we expanded to two hours, AoD pane staff would have to re-work the panel schedule to fit us in as a two-hour panel. The head of Panels Staff seems happy to accommodate us, and things are looking positive, but we've gotten no confirmation yet. If they can't fit us in as a two-hour panel, we will still be there as a one-hour panel.

Here's the Facebook event page for "Magikarp: A History" at AoD. If you're interested, please like our Facebook page for updates!

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