Days 1106 - 1121

I'm going to try to post more, I swear. School and work are kicking my butt right now (and will continue to do so), but I'm going to try to find time to at least post small things. Of course I've really done nothing as far as cosplay goes except for some reworking of my overall design for my Ho-Oh gijinka. I'm still trying to work out some kinks before I start making certain parts to save time, money, and frustration.

On a side-note, I've been occasionally looking at other Ho-Oh cosplays, and I've noticed that a good handful of them are red instead of orange (like mine). This made me feel a lot better about also doing mine in red, I was worried about inaccuracy, but man, orange just does not go with green, I don't know how Ho-Oh pulls it off. Anyway, when I first saw the other Ho-Oh gijinkas that are red, I didn't think twice about the color, so I'm hoping people will have to same reaction to mine.


  1. Look at other cosplayers. This will give you ideas & plenty of inspiration.

    1. Well, of course, haha. It's not really that I'm not inspired, I'm just tired a lot of the time from school and work, and when I have a day off, I always want to go out instead of staying home. I'll get around to working on things soon though. I have to if I want to finish before Fanime. :)