Progress Photos (Days 1132 - 1141)

Don't worry, this looks a lot worse than it actually is.
I've been working on Ho-Oh some, and I'm surprised at how quickly I've been making progress. I'v finished the bottom half of the cosplay (the skirt-thing, finished everything except the embroidery, which I'm saving for last), and I've moved on to the top. I'm starting with the neck piece, but I ran out of gold ribbon, so I can't finish! Not sure what to do now.

Favorite features so far: The wings and the fact that I sewed on hooks and eyes so that I could pin up the back and it won't drag everywhere, but it can be let down for photoshoots.

I'm a pro at sewing on snaps.

I got so excited when I got the bottom half finished, I put on all the pieces I had and pranced around in them. The top is just a stand-in, of clearly. The wig is the one I'll be using though.

Progress on the neck piece.
This is what the back looks like when it's pinned up.
(Not really pinned though, hooked up, just easier to say "pinned.")

Everything with the back pinned up.
Everything with the back down.


  1. seems that the costume has a little indian style.i like it you are so deft

    1. Yes, it's heavily influenced by belly dancer outfits, which in turn are heavily influenced by Indian fashion, as well as Egyptian styles!