Secret and Not-So Secret! (Days... Blarg, I give up)

So I got the wig in for my secret cosplay, and it's beautiful and totally perfect!

On the not-so-secret side of things, I'm also cosplaying an Animal Crossing Villager and the female WiiFit Trainer. Villager has been on my to-do list for a long, long time, and with the male villager being in the next Super Smash Bros., now seems like an excellent time to get started!

I'm definitely jumping on the Smash Bros. bandwagon with WiiFit Trainer, haha. I've had a WiiFit since the year it came out, and I used to play it a LOT, but I had no desire to cosplay from it until Trainer was introduced to Smash Bros. however, I figured it'd be a fun, comfortable cosplay and I definitely plan to go around making Nintendo characters do yoga, so there's that.

Secret cosplay wig

WiiFit Trainer wig

Animal Crossing stuff (in-progress)

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