Green Luma (Day Fifty-Eight)

Feeling much better today than I did yesterday =] I was extremely surprise at my own quick recovery. I've never gotten better that fast.

So I went back to JoAnn's today for a better quality black lace, quarter-inch-wide elastic, cord elastic (which I wasn't even looking for & didn't expect to find, but did need), stretchy white fabric (which is luckily fuzzy too, which I like), and green fleece.

I made my cousin a green fleece Luma for Christmas (pictured left). Every time we play Mario Kart Wii, she plays Rosalina and says that she wants a Luma, so I made her one in the color of her choice. It was a pain in the butt, but it's not so bad for my first plushie, though you can definitely tell it was hand-made. The arms are all lop-sided, and the eyes are off-center, but I still hope she'll like it...

I also went back to work on Chi's dress. Added black lace, and I'm hoping to add more black ribbon before the end of the night. Tomorrow I need to clean my iron, haha. I like to use iron-on hems, I forget the real name, but it's like double-sided tape for fabric that you iron on to make sticky. However, you're not supposed to put the iron directly onto it, it's supposed to be sandwiched between the fabric you want to stick together. But somehow, I always manage to get it on the iron anyway. So there's all this burnt gunk on my iron. (Random, but I want to name my iron. I named my sewing machine, Koko, and I named the one I use at school, Kiki, but my poor iron has no name... I'll get back to that later.)

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  1. Awww...I remember the first time I made a plushie. It was epic fail though. >__________>