Day Fifty

Woo! Fifty days! That's gotta be some kind of milestone. Oh, how this blog has grown. It started with no followers.. Now if has three! Yay! (Haha I'm probably more happy about that than I should be, I'm pathetic.) Now for some actual blogging.

I, of course, have still been slacking. I really need to get my Amaterasu costume finished up for Holiday Anime Faire, because that is definitely going to sneak up on me really fast.

I told my mom that for Christmas, all I want is for her to drive me to Sacramento (two hours away) so that I can go to Sac Anime Winter. She's not biting. I told her she didn't even have to buy me anything, and she's convinced that gas money would cost more than whatever I want. So I'm gonna push for a PS3 and see how that goes! (Man, I'm spoiled.)

1 comment:

  1. She'd go for a PS3 and not take you to a convention? >___>!

    I'm debating between getting a PS3 or...asking for a JoAnns gift card and money for a con..from my fiance. I'm not sure what I want to geeet. I want both..but I would never ask for both and he's saving money for the future..

    BUT I will get one of them..and the rest later. I think I'd rather cosplay than get a PS3 right now...I still have my Wii for now. (e__e);

    Good luck on whatever you get. D: Luckily I can drive and so do my friends...@@; So my mom doesn't have to worry about it (She probably woulnd't take me anyway XD)