Material Shopping at JoAnn's (Day Fifty-Five)

I intend to work on stuff tonight, but we'll see. I got a mask to use for Amaterasu, fuzzy felt stuff to put over it once it's altered, and a pattern and fabric to make bloomers. I forgot the friggin' elastic though! Ugh. *faints* I'm dumb.

So I figure I'll tackle the mask tonight, I have to alter it so that it look like it has a dog nose / snout, cover it with the fur / felt stuff, then draw the red circle and lines. I was going to make the red part out of red fur / felt stuff, but then I thought it would look weird and stick out funny if I glued it over the top, and if I cut out a space for it, you know it wouldn't fit in right no matter what I did. (You just know it wouldn't...) And I already know from experience that fake fur takes Sharpie quite well if you do it right, so theoretically it'll work on this fur / felt stuff too. I'll have to test it first, of course. I'm a little worried about molding the snout / nose because I have the feeling it's not going to want to shape right. I'll be making out of a toilet paper tube, cut to size with a vague shape, and then paper mache-ing over it to give it more definition and blend with the face better. So we'll see how all of that goes. Wish me luck!

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  1. Ahh. Yay for buying cosplay stuff. That's always fun n________n; Good luck on the mask....I've only made one and it was fun!

    Oh..and I've never cosplayed a character with my hair so I haven't had to use my real hair. My wigs are usually okay and don't itch.. at least not until the end of the day. XD So it's okay...I just love wearing them!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. It's too bad you aren't going to AOD for two days. You could have totally brought your Tohru Honda cosplay :] Since there will be a Shigure, Ayame...and possibly an Akito and Risa. D: