Anime on Cable (Day Sixty-Five)

I feel sooo lazy =/ I neef Heat 'n' Bond! Nows! I also need to finish my mask... That should probably be a higher priority than my dress. However, I'm still stuck on whether to use a felt / fur on the mask, or use the same fabric as I want to use for the gloves. In any case, I'll try to get back to work on something tomorrow or Monday. Most likely Monday, when my mom will be gone for work and work-related things. I hate when she bugs me when I'm working on cosplay...

In any case, I re-discovered something today. I don't like watching anime on cable TV. It's alright On Demand, it's not like I only watch it in Japanese or anything like that, it just bugs me to watch it on cable. Maybe it's the commercials, but it just doesn't feel right. I also think I have to be in the right mood to watch it. You can't just throw an episode of anything at me and expect me to enjoy it. That's why I like owning DVDs and manga, instead of waiting on the TV or library to have what I want. I'm so impatient, that's why I don't keep up with any TV series, haha. Waiting for manga is hard enough =[ Speaking of which, when the heck is the next Loveless book supposed to be published in the US? Seriously, it's been about three years. =[

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