Chi's Beginnings (Day Fifty-Two)

I sewed today! Yay! It made me happy =]

I spent several hours altering a dress just to make it fit! Ugh. I got really frustrated because I didn't feel like I was making much progress. But then eventually I finished that and got to work on making it look more like I wanted.

I will be cosplaying Chi from Chobits for Fanime on Sunday, May 30th. I will be going to Fanime other days, and I'll list what days and costumes when it gets closer. I chose Chi for Sunday though because this year, I really want to attend the Black and White Ball, and Chi has some formal-ish dresses. My boyfriend will be cosplaying as Hideki in his work uniform that day so he can attend in cosplay as well. I'm super excited! After high school, there isn't much opportunity to attend formal events, so this makes me really happy. =]

On a side note, I tried to make a collar that matched the dress, just to wear around my neck, not attached, and I kinda, sorta managed to super-fail a little bit, so I gave up, haha. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow when I'm thinking better.

I may wear Chi other times too, but I'm still in love with my Amaterasu costume and haven't had the chance to wear her with the wig yet, so that's set for Animation On Display in January for sure. I'll probably wear Chi for Kin-Yoobi Con in August, since I'll be staffing and want something comfortable and easy to move in. I need a new wig though. I completely messed up the one I had T_T

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  1. Oh yay! Fanime!!! I don't think I'll attend the Black and White Ball. I forgot about it and I probably won't have time or money for another costume ontop of my 3 I already plan to make. T___T Ah well. I want to go to the rave!

    Oh yeah and about AOD, I don't know if I ever answered your question buuuuuut we're going for both days. The 31st is my friend Kay-chan's birthday. The whole reason to go is for her birthday..she's finally 18 (She's the baby in our group XD). So yeah, we'll be staying two nights at the Kabuki Hotel. :0

    My whole group will be at Fanime so I guess I'll see you there too!!! ^~^!