Eeveelutions Concived (Day Thirty-Nine)

This morning at around four, I got really bored and got to thinking about Pokemon Gijinka cosplays, since I saw a really cute Pikachu at Yaoi Con. So I designed a "set," if you will, of Eevee cosplays (Eevee and all the evolutions). Now if only I could get eight other girls who would make and wear them. HA. That's funny. I'll probably re-draw a few of the Eevee evolutions, since I only drew out Eevee, due to laziness. I sketched out the others, but they're not very good, so the concept's kinda hard to see.


  1. Hey, I'm part of an organization name GZR that host Anime and Video Game Conventions, Tournaments, Contest, Interviews and Reviews, and more events. We are currently looking for feedback and people who share a common interest in either anime or video games (if not both). Part of our feedback is finding out the Pro's and Con's you've seen in cosplaying and anime conventions? What you would like to see at conventions? And also what conventions you've attended or plan to attend, if any? The feedback would be greatly appreciated and will help in bringing together anime fans like yourself. Thank You.

  2. I'm working on a jolteon gijinka, but it's kind of on hiatus. (It was supposed to be done for this past kinyoobi but things cropped up. XP ). They really are a fun cosplay to do since you get to design it yourself rather than copying a premade character directly.