Coooookieeees (Day One Hundred and Five)

I has cookies! =D Oh, yes. Be jealous. They is teh nomzors.

So nothing really going on today. The group is coming over again tomorrow to actually work on stuff. =]


  1. :O So what is this count up to? Just the number of your journal entry?

    You could probably do like Day 105...So it isn't as long.. D: Or just do what you want and ignore's not my blog... XDD

  2. Really? That sucks :(!! Hrmmm.....I mean I guess they're trying to be fair but what if you want to win many awards with one? Lol.

    ..and technically it's not the SAME costume since you fixed it up a bit... eheheheheh.

    I think I'll join the contest just for the heck of it. :P