Working with Dritz® Fray Check

Dritz® Fray Check is used to stop the fraying of thin, usually sheer, fabric edges. It is also used on intricately-shaped pieces of fabric, or any garment edge that would be generally difficult to hem.

I recommend this to anyone and everyone, regardless of sewing experience. Despite the fact that it does slightly change the color of the fabric it is applied to, it gives a much cleaner finish and saves huge amounts of time.

There are, however, some downsides. As mentioned, it discolors the fabric a little. The site linked above states "Because Fray Check is a plastic, it will sometimes appear white on darker fabrics (black, navy, etc.)." I personally have never seen it dry white, and, in fact, on one sheer fabric (in both red and orange), it actually made the edges darker.

It will also make the edges stiffer. It doesn't allow for a full flow or fold. Also, Fray Check is not a friend of your iron, and you have to re-pierce the top of the bottle every time you use it, because the Fray Check dries inside the nozzle and clogs it.

There is the small matter of the smell as well. Fray Check smells strongly of alcohol, which doesn't bother me personally, but other people have complained.

Overall, I still say it's a very sound investment for saving time, money, fabric, and frustration.

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