Fanime Housing! (Thanks Sheik) (Day 112)

Big thanks to Sheik Le Cosplayer for posting that Fanime's housing prices were up. Otherwise I probably would've never known =[

So, of course, I'm all booked and ready to go. Except. Well. Y'know. That money o.o

Also, today I bought new fangs for Ammy, actual werewolf ones this time. I now have both top and bottom fangs, and they're way more noticeable than my vampire fangs. I also bought black lipstick to wear as Ammy, because wolf's lips are indeed black, and it makes my lips more noticeable when I talk, even with the mask. I previously wore red lipstick, but it just wasn't cutting it for me.

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  1. :o!!! Ohhh, wow. You're welcome!! ^_____^

    Yay for us going to Fanime!