Spools (Day 119)

There's some irony in here somewhere. I made the spools that go in Chi's hair out of Sculpt It! clay. Damn, I really hate this stuff. I wish I could've just used real spools. but I don't have two the same, and that'd be a waste of thread =/

So, somehow, even though the seal was never broken, my white Sculpt It! was completely dried out. How massively inconvenient. The lightest-colored, least-dried-out was yellow, so now I have two little yellow clay spools. I'll probably paint some of them tonight, but I have to put sealant on them firs to smooth them out a little, since Sculpt It! is lame and cracks. I'm a little worried about threading the hair through the spools, but at least I have a general idea of how to get them to stay.

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