Days Ninety-Nine and One-Hundred =O

Yay! Hundredth day! *happy dance* And at a decent time! *happier dance*

I am pleased to say that I actually feel like I have a solid cosplay group now =D Some of us plan to get together tomorrow to work on things, even though we're not doing a group cosplay. I wish my boyfriend could make it, but he has to spend time with his family.. *sigh* I figured as much, but it's still disappointing.

In other news, I'm surprised at the amount of people I know going to Animation On Display =O Any thoughts of me skipping it to save money for Fanime are gone now, heh. And I've decided to enter the cosplay contest at AOD. Unless there's a fursuiter entering. I have way too much respect for them, and they'd crush my chances of winning anyway. I'd like to do an actual performance, take some form of martial arts, make them more fluid like dance moves, and put them to music. However, I can't choose a martial arts or music style, and AOD is approaching quickly. Walk-ons are boring though and I like to entertain =D So we shall see.

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  1. Lol. I've never really liked the whole fur-suite cosplays... ^^;; But I really like your Ammy one...It's like Fur-human :O!!

    I can't wait until AOD. I'm really excited and I need to finish my costume! Lol. W00000hooooo. I want to do more than a walk-on too but I don't know if it's too late to sign up for like a skit. I don't even know what I'd do!!! I would do something if I'm told to...but making something up? I'm not sure if my friends would want to! Rawr...oh well, I do want to enter the costume contest...just to say I did. I don't think I'd win with my Ayame one. It's too simple. Maybe if I bring another costume. I dunno :3

    Anywaaaay!!! See you at AOD ^~^ and congrats on your group!