ABC Party (Days 496 - 504)

So the "Anything But Clothes" party was awesome. Here's a picture of my outfit, it's made entirely out of trash bags, newspaper bags, and tape! Yes, even the headband, but not the shoes and naval ring, 'cause, well, yeah, no.

It's a little, um, breezier than I had liked, but by the time I was finished with the skirt and had fought with a top for about three hours, I decided "screw it" and went with a tube top and capelet. Besides, what good is a naval piercing if I don't show it off once in a while?
But, yeah, party was a typical college party and lots of fun. =]

Nothing really on the cosplay front. Took a commission for the first time in my life. It's a jacket commission for a friend, I need to get a price estimate together like now because, as far as I'm concerned, nothing is finalized until money is agreed upon.

I also took up a hat commission, but those aren't really "real" commissions to me. It's for a Dragonite hat, and because the design is a little complex, they've agreed to pay $35, but they won't be getting it or paying until Fanime. Which, yeah, sucks a little, but at least I'll have spending money for Fanime!

Speaking of Fanime, "Magikarp: A History" was approved, or so the forums say. I never got an official e-mail. So hopefully I get one soon with further instructions as to how to get out badges and if there needs to be any tweaking of the panel or anything.


  1. Never been to an ABC party, sounds interesting and creative XD

    Unfortunately, having lolita AND cosplay as a hobby...I usually have to fund one over the other. Recently I've been buying more lolita so I haven't been able to start on my Terra Branford (FFVI) and Ayla (Chrono Trigger) cosplay. I want to get Terra done before Fanime u__u

    Congrats on getting the panel(?)--hopefully officially.

  2. I want to get a lolita dress so badly... I still want to make one, but I also want to buy one. It's one of the first things I want to get when I get a job.

    And, thanks =] It looks like we officially got it, I wasn't the only one who didn't get an e-mail, it seems that no one did, they just haven't sent them yet.