A New Challenger Appears! (Days 494 & 495)

So, this is only slightly cosplay-related, but it has to do with crafting and such, and I'm very excited! I've been invited to an "ABC Party", that's "Anything But Clothes". The theme of the party is to make something out of trash bags, duct tape, anything but cloth/regular clothes. I've always wanted to try something like this, but never had the reason to. I was invited a few days ago, but didn't realize until today that it's this Saturday, leaving me only a couple of days to make something.

Originally, I was going to piece together something out of caution tape, but I couldn't find most of my caution tape (only found pieces), so I decided on plastic bags. I'm making a dress. The front is the goodie bag from Yaoi-Con, since it's black and has a pretty design on the front. The sides are Caution tape, and the back is a garbage bag. My main issue is getting it to fit in a way that I can get in and out of it without having to tap it on every time. I'm not even sure if this is possible.

Anyway, this is a fun challenge, and an excellent use for my dress form! I'll post pictures when it's finished!

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