Cherry Blossom Festivale (Days 557 - 565)

I originally wasn't even going to post for day 557, because that's when I posted my skin care recommendations, but then I missed a day or so before posting about my fantasy sewing room, so I figured I'd just post for all of the days I hadn't yet.

In any case, I went to the Cherry Blossom Festivale! It wasn't overly eventful, so I'm not doing a full write-up for it. I didn't even hang out with my cosplay buddies that much. =/

The best part of the day was probably getting chocolate tayaki and strawberry mochi cake. Mmm, love that strawberry mochi cake. Which, of course, I can only find during festivales.

Most random part of the day? The same guy coming back to talk to me twice after getting my picture. He was very nice and polite, it was just odd of him to do, heh. Also, when asking for a picture, he just said "I think you're very cute, may I have a picture?" which was very nice, but I don't think I've had anyone say exactly that, so I was caught off guard, haha. The second time, he asked for my e-mail address so that he could e-mail me the picture, and then the third time, he asked if there was a costume contest. I dunno why he came back to me to ask about the contest when I was standing in the middle of a huge crowd of cosplayers, but I guess he figured since he already had spoken to me, it was okay.
I never felt threatened or anything, it was just... Different, haha.

The worst part of the day was just how uncomfortable I was watching the parade because it was so cold! And then the person standing behind me (I was sitting) had their foot practically under my butt the entire time and kept wiggling their toes, and whenever I scooted forward, they moved forward too! Ugh. I didn't even watch the whole parade because of the cold. We (my boyfriend and I) went to get chocolate tayaki instead, and they gave us red bean instead. T_T I was so upset, he had bought for of them too. We ate two and gave one to a friend, unfortunately, I had to throw the last one away because no one ate it and I forgot to refrigerate it. We got chocolate tayaki later anyway, but only two of them. =[

Anyway, saw some awesome people, even if we didn't talk much, ate awesome food, and had an overall good time.

Also, I did finish my femme!Link cosplay in time (at 4 in the morning), but it was so cold, I had my jacket on the whole time. At least it was my green Legend of Zelda jacket, but that may have made it worse, I get the feeling that some people thought that the jacket was intended to be my cosplay. I have never endured that many dirty looks from girls, though, holy cow. I wasn't even that naked, I had tights and a jacket on. Yeah, the dress is short and there's quite a bit of cleavage, but even when I had my jacket zipped, I got dirty looks. It was... Unnerving, to say the least, especially since I saw girls who were at least as naked as me, if not more so, and I didn't see them getting dirty looks. As one girl was walking past me, she (very loudly >_<) said, "Is that.. Link!? As a.. What!? WHY!?" For some reason, that bothered me more than the dirty looks. Probably just because she was so loud and right next to me, it was extra rude.

When I first arrived, the first thing I heard (actually before I put my jacket on) was "Hey, look! It's Tinkerbell!" a cosplay buddy of mine who cosplayed Link as well said "Welcome to my Halloween." Haha. Only heard that once, though. Another guy (when I had my jacket unzipped) sang/hummed the LoZ theme song from the first game, that was fun. He continued singing it after I had walked pretty far past him too.

But, yes, good times. I do have some left to finish on the costume, but it's mostly maintenance stuff, fray-checking unseen edges, sewing small things closed where they've opened, stuff like that.

My next cosplay will be Koffing. I just need to find a wig and extensions and the rest will be so easy!


  1. Sadly you're going to run into the snotty bitches that talk about your costume because they are soooo "Link is a kawaii desu elf boy! Who only needs to be paired with a MALE Sheik!".

    When it comes down to it they're bitchy because you crossplayed- I don't know why girls get like that but they hate it for some retarded reason. Second of all they're jealous.

    I wish I could have seen your cosplay first hand but yeah had my own issues as well that day. In any case I hope youre cosplaying this to fanime? I would hope to run into you then.

    as for the snotty girls, honestly just ignore them the best you can, and don't let it ruin your day. They're jelly fatties and that's all there is to it.

  2. Awww! I want to see your femme Link cosplay! And Foxberry is right. They're just being snotty bitches. Ugh to the dumb yaoi pairings (link x dark link etc). I would be worried about you catching a cold if anything.

    Glad there were at least some good things for you throughout the day! I have yet to attend the festival. Maybe next year.

  3. "Male sheik", haha, that made me laugh xD

    Thanks though, guys =] I figured I'd get some hate, but I was preparing myself more for internet hate, usually people are at least nice to my face, haha. Ah well.

    I dunno if/when I'll cosplay femme!Link again, but I would like to do a photoshoot with it. The lack of props will make it challenging though, heh.