Days 516 - 521

I'm disappointed in myself that I can't come up with a title for this post. Ah well.

So here's the second part of my last post, about WonderCon and such.
Recap: My boyfriend's brother (aka "S") said he'd take us, but then was super flakey and wouldn't give us any details, so I finally decided that I just wouldn't go because "planning" (or lack of it) was getting too stressful.

So I totally called it. S was up and ready to leave at 9:30am on Sunday. My boyfriend woke up just as S was about to leave and asked him where he was going. S said, "I'm gong with [fiance] to WonderCon, you guys aren't coming?" No. No, we're not coming, because you are lousy at planning these things!

But, wait! There's more!

Later that day, I decided to hang out at my boyfriend's house because I was promised barbecue steak (they only had hotdogs, which I hate, just the cherry on the craptastic sundae). S and his fiance came home around 8 (they were at the con for a decent 8 hours at least), and S starts showing us his pictures and swag and talking about how awesome it was. I'm pretty sure he didn't realize how incredibly rude he was being, but it was really hard to listen to, I was half-way between yelling at him and breaking into tears out of jealousy. I just sat quietly, avoided eye contact, and said nothing.

Ohoho, this was beyond the best part though. In regards to cosplayers, he said, "Man, so many people were there in costume! It made me wish I had brought my Kung-Fu Panda costume, I would have been everyone's hero!" This warranted a double facepalm the likes of which you have never seen from me. Yes, he would have been well-loved (it's a full-body fursuit), and yes, he would have been stopped for pictures a lot, and he would have been a lot of people's favorite of the day, but really, he began acting like he would have been a God-among-men if he had worn it, and... No. Just no.

And it get's better! Later (after I had gone home), S told my boyfriend 'Yeah, I know me and [your sisters] make fun of you behind your back for your costume stuff, but I totally get it now.' Ouch. I mean, maybe that wasn't directed at me, but it feels like it was, and ouch. Uncool. Even if he "gets it" now, ouch.

In other news, I've been using italics a lot. I think I'm mad. Anyway, my boyfriend and his family are going to Mexico for 5 days for a wedding, and to kill time, I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish my femme!Link dress, because I've decided that I like it again, haha. There's not a ton left to do on it, it's just a bunch of detailing and fixing some seams that keep ripping, it just feels like a lot because the details are very meticulous and take forever.


  1. Hooray for venting. But man, I started getting rage like just reading through it T__T Sorry for all the craptastic stuff.

    So you are going to do femme!link? Awesome! I'm still waiting to get paid so I can get cosplay materials u__u

  2. Haha, sorry I made you rage some. I'm alright about it now. I know he didn't mean to be rude or anything, mostly I was just butthurt about being left at home. Venting here definitely helped. =D

    I believe I'm going to do femme!Link, yeah. Don't really have a reason not to, haha.
    I hope you get paid soon then! I hate when I don't have money for things that I want. D= It's so frustrating!