Days 788 - 800

A quick update in relation to my last post: My sewing machine still doesn't want to sew with black thread. I even traded thread with my friend, and it won't use that kind either. I'm not sure what to do other than look for another kind. My machine seems to agree with cheap $1 Walmart thread, so I might as well go grab some of that, haha.

Despite that, I've made some decent progress on Maid Yoko. The top is completely finished, and the skirt just needs to be sewn together (into a circle),\ and have the zipper and lace put on. After that, it's just the wrist cuffs, (3) bows, and the props.

Other than that, no news, heh. Here's a cute picture of a cosplaying dog.

Percy from Disney's "Pocahontas"


  1. Your dog looks really cute!!!! I knew exactly what he was cosplaying without looking at the caption.

    1. It is cute, but it's not my dog, haha. I found it on the Internet.