Days 801 - 827

So I've made some progress, believe it or not. With Fanime right around the corner, I don't know how much I'll post, it's crunch time! The top and skirt of my Maid Yoko cosplay are finished, I still need to make the apron (which is already cut out and pinned), the back bow and hair bows, and the wrist cuffs.

I bought the fabric for White Mage and began cutting out the pattern for it. It's going to be rough getting the same pattern to fit both my boyfriend and myself, but luckly it's a loose-fitting garment, and we're both roughly the same height and have close to the same bust measurement, haha. I just hope our Mage costumes don't come out looking like Snuggies.

Some time this week, we're shopping for Black Mage fabric and other various materials, and then it's super crunch time! Wish me luck!

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