NorCal Winter Gathering, etc.

Animal Crossing Villager
(Christmas-y edition)
Photo by WinterWish Photography
So for the first time in a year, I attended a NorCal gathering! I was really, really nervous about going, to the point that several times, I almost changed my mind and didn't go at all, because it was my first time going to a gathering by myself. I mean, a lot of my friends were there, and I knew that, but this was the first time that I arrived alone and didn't make any real plans to hang out with anyone. I didn't even coordinate cosplays with anyone, I just went on my own, and for some reason, it was terrifying. I was so scared that I'd just be ridiculously awkward and end up sitting by myself for most of the time. Luckily, I was so, so wrong.

I had so much fun hanging out and chatting with everyone that I could and hopping around from friend group to friend group. I almost wished I had group-hopped more because I didn't even get to spend time with everyone I knew. Ah well, next time!

I finally got to wear my Animal Crossing cosplay, or at least what's done of it. I was sewing like mad to fill Etsy orders in the weeks leading up to the gathering, so I didn't get to work on any personal stuff. Technically, all that I had to finish for my cosplay was the hat and the shoes, but that hat just didn't get done. I managed to paint the shoes with what felt like a billion coats of paint, but the top coat/sealant made them crack. I tested out the flexibility of the paint after each layer, and there was zero cracking, but after I wore them for less than half an hour after putting the top coat on, they cracked instantly. Guess I have to figure something else out. Since it's the holiday season, I substituted a Santa hat for my missing one.

Originally, I had planned to wear a short blue wig that I've had forever and rarely used, but with the Santa hat, I felt like that would have been too many clashing colors, so I swapped it for a wig that I bought from Epic Cosplay recently. The wig is technically for my Sarah (Last of Us) cosplay, and I still need to dye and style it, but it was a good stand-in in the mean time.

Photo by WinterWish Photography

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