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So I finally got it together and decided to order a wig for my Koffing cosplay, since I've had the costume for I think almost two years now and have only been able to wear it twice because of my lack of wig. (Once I used my friend's wig, and the other time I used my natural hair, which looked horrible.)

So I bought this purple wig

and these tan/blonde wefts.

The hair extensions already came in the mail, and they're so much nicer than I expected! They're sold by CosplayDNA on eBay, and they're super soft and also heat-resistant. I bought two sets just to be sure I had enough, and they're only five bucks each with free shipping. I plan to curl them and attach them to the bottom of the purple wig to mimic Koffing's gas clouds. (This was actually my boyfriend's idea!)

There's mixed reviews about the seller that I bought the wig from, a vast majority are good reviews, but I always check negative reviews just in case. Negative reviews usually give more detail than positive or neutral ones, so I always feel like it's good to check them, no matter how few there are. Anyway, the biggest complaint among them was that the wig received was not the right cut or style, so I'm prepared to have to style it some.

I'll do another post when the wig arrives in the mail (any day now) so can decide whether or not I live it before I link to the seller.

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