Closet / "Lazy" Cosplayers

A decently-timed post. No way.

And still nothing cosplay-related. I had intended on making, or at least starting, Mello's belt buckle, but that didn't happen.

I may change my Halloween costume from a butterfly to the Ace of Spades.

So now's a good time to discuss another cosplay issue. Death Note "closet cosplayers." I'm talking about the ones that grab a white shirt and jeans and call themselves L, or the ones that run to Hot Topic and call themselves Misa.

I can sum this up quite simply: Who cares?
You don't know why they did it, you don't know how hard they tried. Maybe they didn't have enough money for a "real" cosplay, or if they couldn't find the items, it was last-minute, or their amazing, spectacular costume got destroyed the night before.

Now, if they're running around going "OMG! I'm L! Take my picture and give me free Pocky NOW!" then by all means, decapitate them. Otherwise, there is no reason to look down on them or waste your energy disliking them. That is much worse than "lazy" cosplayers.


  1. I think this should also go to those who hate people cosplaying from things like Hetalia and Home stuck.

    1. This is very true. You could even stretch this to apply to people in general; if they're not bothing you, why should you care about how they're dressed? Of course, this is a lot easier to say than it is to apply, but it's something to at least think about. On the subject of Homestuck cosplayers though, I have to admit that I keep my distance, but only because I've heard too many awful stories about people (not just Homestuck cosplayers though) not sealing their body paint and other cosplayers getting paint on their cosplay. It's not just Homestuck cosplayers that I keep my distance from, it's anyone with a lot of body paint, that's just a category that Homestuck cosplayers fall into.