Cosplay & "Normal" People

I'm posting this a little late, I know. I got really sick today and couldn't even find the strength to use the laptop until after midnight.

Nothing cosplay-related really happened today. I showed a couple people the fabric I bought for my Mello jacket. They equated it to a Santa Clause suit. Ha. Haha. Ha. Great.

They teased me about it for about a minute, but it got me thinking.

My friends understand cosplay. They understand why I do it, what the appeal is, and how the community works. They've even cosplayed a couple times themselves, and yet they still tease me about various aspects of my cosplayings, perhaps because I take it more seriously than they do.

Society as a whole generally looks down on cosplayers. People do not understand us, so they act like what we do is wrong. As if this wasn't bad enough, cosplayers are also divided amongst themselves.

Cosplayers that make their costumes don't have much respect for those who buy them. Those who buy costumes mock those who make them for wasting their time or becoming "obsessed." When people who don't understand it at all look down on cosplayers, shouldn't cosplayers stand as one and defend their fandom, instead of fighting each other?

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